My Staple Meals


One of my goals last year, was to have staple meals that I could put on repeat. Every week I was doing new recipes that took forever or boring meat and veggies, and I wanted to have dishes that felt like my classics, my greatest hits in the kitchen! Confession: I also sort of have a superhero mom dream to have yummy meals that become comfort food for my family. That’s how my mom was – she had her special strawberry salad, lamb and taziki sauce,  chicken tetrazzini, omg and the best mini pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. I remember her making these and other special meals and how they filled our home up with love and comfort. It sure is simple, but it sure does mean something, at least to me.

So, in pursuit of my own recipes, I found SIX that my hubby and I loved in 2017. I made them so many times that I almost know them by heart, woohoo! Plus, most of them are Whole 30 – great bonus!

Alright, time to feast your eyes. Here’s my top 6!

P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps


Tastes just like PF Chang’s – I use soy sauce instead of the amino’s … one day maybe I will be that healthy. Also, I make the two sauces early in the day so when it’s dinner time I just have to chop veggies and sauté everything.

Spaghetti Squash

image1 (5)

I use marinara from a jar … because well it tastes better and it’s way easier. I LOVE this recipe for the meatballs though – it’s so easy and fun to mix it all together with your hands. Plus, spaghetti just has that wonderful effect of being comforting, right?

Breakfast Bake

image2 (2)

I make this with sausage and it is the perfect breakfast to get ya going in the morning, full of protein but it also has that special savory/sweet combination. I think I made this literally 8 weeks in a row … yep, a little obsessed!

Here’s the rest:

Acorn Squash: Thanksgiving in a Squash!

Sweet Potato Tacos: Great as Leftovers!

Zuppa Toscano Soup: Healthy Olive Garden!

A big thank you to the food bloggers who crafted these special recipes, who gave me a place to start with creating my own staples (40 Aprons, Paelo Running Momma, and Aimee Mars). Here’s to another great year of cooking!

3 thoughts on “My Staple Meals

  1. Ashley says:

    I make something similar to the acorn squash recipe you posted. It’s the best!! Thanks for sharing your go-to recipes. I agree you have to start somewhere, and you have a really good collection so far!


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