Life, Lately

I’ve been pushing a lot lately. I’m the type to never pick up that book, or start that new habit, or make any inch of movement towards a goal. This blog was 2 years in my head before I had the courage to start it. So, “pushing” for me feels completely against my nature. I always thought that the path of least resistance was just to hang out and never cross the start line towards my dreams, but oh the agony of waiting to begin, the analyzing and wondering of what to do. I imagined actually engaging with my goals would be overwhelming, exhausting, and more than I could handle anyways. So, why start?

In fact, the pushing – the waking early to write, the choosing to read yoga books instead of my normal morph into a netflix zombie, the extra time spent investing in people to lead well at church, the choice to be present at work when all I feel like doing is watching the clock until I’m done – the pushing has made me feel more alive than I ever have. Heck, why did I wait so long to cross that start line, to engage with what I wanted in life? The pushing for me has been SO MUCH easier than the aimless dreaming and waiting.

Random analogy: Osteoporosis! … (please enjoy my sporadic thoughts and recent obsession with everything anatomy/yoga-related) … In my yoga teacher training this past weekend, our instructor was talking to us about various diseases and what to be mindful of when our students have them. My favorite one she discussed was osteoporosis which typically develops from a calcium deficiency or hormonal changes (thank you menopause). Pores actually begin to form in your bones making them very weak and brittle, susceptible to breaking. Ow. There have been a lot of studies done on how yoga can help with the condition. One famous study done in 2016 tested over 700 people with osteoporosis and the results showed huge increases in bone density after they did yoga for just 12 minutes a day! Bearing weight actually builds back your bones. This gave me a whole new perspective on the power of downward dog, but it also me made think about the power of pushing! Bearing weight is what leads to growth, to change, to building strength. Sure, sometimes you can bear too much weight and that is a whole other topic, but when you rest for too long and you become idle, what you really need is to pick up a goal, revisit a dream, and start bearing weight again!

Life lately, it’s been sweet – lot’s of yoga, lot’s of thinking, and lot’s of pushing! 🙂 Also, it’s meant a lot of time in Asheville, NC where my yoga training is located. Here’s us in our tiny home from the past weekend. It was stinkin’ adorable and I felt like the real Joanna Gaines in it, minus the goats and kids. 

We always try to see live jazz when we go to bigger cities and lookie! I found free live jazz and crazy good food! I believe I had calamari on top of black squid ink … only know this exists because of the cute little octopus in Finding Nemo! We also went to Bim Beri Bon, a super yummy and creative restaurant; I had a pulled pork Japanese crepe. Yum!

I love the adventuring, but I also adore the way you feel when you get back home, when you remember the sweetness of your daily life and routine. Finding a balance in it all is lovely, same goes for the pushing and resting.

Thanks for listening, friends! Talk to ya soon!

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