Six Days in California

My favorite thing about this trip was the moment my husband told me that I was going to be an amazing mom (one day). Maybe it was the romantic mood, the fancy anniversary dinner, or the lovely conversation about memories, but somehow hearing him affirm me brought on all kinds of butterflies. We went away together for 6 days, did all kinds amazing things, but it’s the marriage that was the best part. It will always be the best part.

Nevertheless, I wanna share some fun highlights from our shenanigans in San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

Ferry Building and the Farmer’s Market

If you are a foodie, put this place on your bucket list! I read in Skymall magazine on the way home that the Ferry Building was ranked the #1 Food Hall in America. One big fat check on my list! The market is HUGE with more energy and free samples than I’ve ever seen. It takes place right on the water next to the Bay Bridge. Buy a fresh croissant, listen to the seagulls, and watch the live jazz music unite everyone’s moods into childlike revelry.

Hayes Valley

What I loved about this highlight was its spontaneity! I planned the trip thoroughly, never wanting to be somewhere and have to research what to do next, but I was hoping there would always be room for detours. A friendly store clerk suggested we drive ten blocks up and stop in Hayes Valley to explore. It ended up being my second favorite spot in SF – tons of affordable hip boutiques, classic thrift stores (I got a vintage blouse for $20), and all the trendy ice cream and coffee shops you could imagine.

Yoga at Grace Cathedral

Meditating with 300 people in complete silence, potentially 300 people BEING IN THE MOMENT TOGETHER … I’m at a total loss. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced, EVER!

Lake Tenaya

There’s all kinds of epic spots in Yosemite, but this was my favorite. While driving to a well-known meadows area, we saw to our right a gorgeous panorama – a sparkling lake set between giant rock mountains. We found a private spot, changed plans, and spent the whole afternoon soaking in the beauty (and the cold water!).

Napa Valley and the Monk’s Blessing

Napa has always been a dream of mine. It was just that, a dream. Other than floating on clouds from all the wine, the best part was when our tour guide showed us the wine aging in the barrels. The whole room was filled with the ominous sound of Monks chanting. Kinda creepy. I obviously needed to ask, “Where are the monks?” She quickly responded, “Oh they’re downstairs chanting 24/7. It’s a family tradition that their chanting blesses the wine. Do you want to meet them?” After a big resounding yes and following the guide halfway down the stairs, she turned around and busted out saying, “This is the farthest anyone has ever fallen for this joke!” … I blame the wine.

Bubble Bath and Church Bells

After 2 nights of camping and going without a shower, a bubble bath felt GLORIOUS.

Ryan dropped me off at the hotel while he took the car to the airport (thank you for making 4-star accommodations affordable). Once the bubble bath was done making me a new person, I put on the super soft robe and slippers, #luxury, and cozied up on the couch with my laptop to write. Feeling the breeze from the window, listening to the nearby church bells, and getting to enjoy my absolute favorite hobby, I felt as if I’d come home.

Being at Home

That’s what I love about getting to know yourself well and letting God love you to that point. You find that no matter where you are, you are already home because your true home is inside. Whether it’s on an airplane, sitting at work, or cooking in your kitchen, there can be a sweet haven within to enjoy. What a beautiful, unmarked territory – our inner soul, our hearts – a place that could contain within them all the peace, safety, and warmth of a home!?!

Thanks for listening, friends! I love you for reading!

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